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On behalf of SBX, we regret to inform you all we lost our brother this morning. Hunter, we love you and we always will, but we’re glad you’re no longer in pain. You have always been such an inspirational force in our lives and will continue to be. Our thoughts and love go out to Marley, Laura and the rest of Hunters family.

Drapht, SBX Crew.

Well it’s been out for a while, but I think it’s time I spoke to you about our latest SBX release (no not the 7 times ARIA nominated Drapht’s – Life of Riley) But the just as dope, if now a little Rawer (and a bit more Hardcore) Hunter and Mortar’s Fear and Loathing!

It came out amongst much fanfare and fantastic, futuristic frivolity! well, nah not really, just like any other independent SBX release really… wasn’t available from JB’s on the day it was supposed to be and all that!
But when the crew eventually did get hold of it, they all seemed quite happy with their purchase!

We had a massive party for it at The Rosemount Hotel, and I do believe we packed it to the rafters!we had special shirts made for the occasion, and they all sold, so i ya got one, good on ya! Plus the Vinyl record was unleashed on the world!

Our support acts, Dazastah and Layla put on a bloody brilliant display of mic destruction, as they are known to do throughout the land! and the greatest surprise of the night was Hilltop Hoods jumping up and performing the song ‘Bat Country’ with Mortar, myself, Layla and Graphic! You can imagine this bought the absolute house crumbling down! They the stuck around to perform the song ‘Dumb Enough’ which they dedicated to me! this led to backstage battles galore, that went on for days and days! But it was was all good fun, an the have agreed to comeback to WA for The Big Day Out and what ever else they are booked for, but they will be on they’re very best behaviour, and I get the feeling battles will continue to be a part of Hunter and Hilltop relationship…

Anyway, if you have the album, leave a comment and let us know what you think, your feed back is always appreciated, though if too many of you call us Wack C Words, then those comments will be removed! hahhaah! hope to hear from a soon! Peace! oh yeh, and if you don’t have the album…….


Hunter SBX

Hunter talking about the new CanTeen project

One night I was kicking it with The Master and DJ Vame in a motel room in Ballarat.  We were touring to promote Vame and I’s album ‘Monster House’, and I was whinging about having cancer.  Vame said to me something like, “well why don’t you do something positive, like an album for charity or something” and Bang! It was in my head!
On return to Perth a few weeks later, I hooked up with Dazastah, and asked him if he would help me put together an album for charity, and he of course was down, Coz he’s nice like that right!
We decided CanTeen would be the perfect beneficiaries, coz young people shouldn’t be going though chemo and treatment, they should be out there having fun like we used to do!
I then contacted some of my friends in the industry, and asked them if they would like to be involved, and a lot of them said yes!
So for the last 18 months I’ve been collecting and compiling songs, some haven’t made the cut, due to CanTeen being rather strict on what kind of content they want there name linked to (which is fair enough I reckon) but in the end, we have got a fair few real mad tracks, and I’m happy to say they are all very close to release!
We have had to do a fair bit of legal work, which really sucked, but luckily my friend Rachel from Wonder Management has been able to handle that, while I unfortunately had to undergo my own treatment, which led me to be unable to help in a lot of the process.  But it is all getting done which is the main thing!
So please keep an eye for more info on what is gonna be a real cool compilation featuring………….. You’ll have to wait and see, but we got a heap of Mad Rappers and Crews on this!
Thanks for droppin by, and I’ll keep ya updated on this ‘ere project plus a couple more things I got in the pipeline!
Much Love to you and yours!

Thanks for dropping by… Well, as you probably know, these last couple of years have been pretty rough, but I have managed to keep busy and do have another album in the works!  It won’t be this year I don’t think, but early 2012 should see a new Hunter album…

In the meantime, I have also been working on my debut movie!

A Night in the Life of Hunter

A rollicking tale of live rap, mixed up with some film clips, and interviews with my fellow SBX crew members…  This is not to be confused with the Documentary that is currently in production,

A Night in the Life of Hunter” is my own project, and will be available exclusively from this website (and maybe a couple of shops here and there).  Swing by again for further updates, and thanks for your support!

Much love and Peace!