R.I.P Robert Hunter 1975-2011

On behalf of SBX, we regret to inform you all we lost our brother this morning. Hunter, we love you and we always will, but we’re glad you’re no longer in pain. You have always been such an inspirational force in our lives and will continue to be. Our thoughts and love go out to Marley, Laura and the rest of Hunters family.

Drapht, SBX Crew.

13 Responses to “R.I.P Robert Hunter 1975-2011”
  1. T Reynolds says:

    Big loss for everyone involved, rest easy you mad cunt

  2. Max Wright says:

    R.i.P. Huntz
    One of australias best mc’s.

    I wish your family the best for the future.


  3. Jen says:

    We travelled from Melbourne to Perth to see Hunter and SBx and drapht.

    Love love loved it.

    Will miss you sorely

  4. Jake Dunstan says:

    RIP Hunter! Condolences to the SBX crew

  5. Daniel P says:

    This marks the end of one of the greatest rappers Australia has EVER produced and seen!!! RIP to the man who changed oz hip hop and battle raps for the better. He will be sorely missed by so many in the scene!! I’m a cunt. RIP

  6. P boy says:

    RIP Hunter! What a footprint you have left mate. Thoughts to all close to you. Peace from far North Queensland.

  7. Clare Smyth says:

    RIP Hunter… Deepest smypathies to your family… Thankyou for all you have done!! You will be greatly missed and warmly remembered always!! Peace xox

  8. MEGA says:

    you will always be in our hearts as a true brother an Australian hip hop king….rest in love.

    .sunny atticus and mega.

  9. LuMiNuS says:

    R.I.P bro i just had a son an we named him hunter you will NEVER be forggoten, time to go back to yokine.
    much love to your family from australias real hip-hop scene we would be nuthin if it wasnt for people like you mate perth has lost one of its royals good cunts die young and you were one of the best

  10. nuphzy mc says:

    R.I.P hunter the pioneer he was,been listening 2 u bust it from the start 2 the end,sad day,my 9yr old son said this to me when i told him,we’ve all lost 1 of our best dad & hope marley’s ok,true that.

  11. Gene says:

    Cant even begin to tell you how shocked i was when i found out, Keep it real up there mate australia’s missing you a shitload. Peace

  12. Edmond says:

    I will always remember you Hunter, may you rest in peace.

  13. AKZ77 says:

    Rhyme in peace Brother!

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