Welcome to HunterSBX.com!

Thanks for dropping by… Well, as you probably know, these last couple of years have been pretty rough, but I have managed to keep busy and do have another album in the works!  It won’t be this year I don’t think, but early 2012 should see a new Hunter album…

In the meantime, I have also been working on my debut movie!

A Night in the Life of Hunter

A rollicking tale of live rap, mixed up with some film clips, and interviews with my fellow SBX crew members…  This is not to be confused with the Documentary that is currently in production,

A Night in the Life of Hunter” is my own project, and will be available exclusively from this website (and maybe a couple of shops here and there).  Swing by again for further updates, and thanks for your support!

Much love and Peace!


2 Responses to “Welcome to HunterSBX.com!”
  1. Hunter says:

    Thanks Deej! You are the King!

  2. DJ ADZ says:

    HUNTER, from watching you and the SBX heads in awe as the freestyles flowed so fluently at the Hyde Park, to summoning up the courage to spit when unexpectedly you put the mic in my hand. From waiting outside Globe to get you and OPT to sign my Jam Roll Vinyl, to going out and rockin crowds as your DJ, you have always been an inspiration and an innovator in the art of rhyme.

    Your heart was always true to Hip Hop, HARD CORE AUSSIE HIP HOP that is, it was never about fame or money, purely a love for the elements and culture….. & slayin MCs like it aint no thing.


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