Thanks for dropping by… Well, as you probably know, these last couple of years have been pretty rough, but I have managed to keep busy and do have another album in the works!  It won’t be this year I don’t think, but early 2012 should see a new Hunter album…

In the meantime, I have also been working on my debut movie!

A Night in the Life of Hunter

A rollicking tale of live rap, mixed up with some film clips, and interviews with my fellow SBX crew members…  This is not to be confused with the Documentary that is currently in production,

A Night in the Life of Hunter” is my own project, and will be available exclusively from this website (and maybe a couple of shops here and there).  Swing by again for further updates, and thanks for your support!

Much love and Peace!


Welcome to the new HUNTER website!

Make sure to visit the new SHOP section or click the pics below to access the store as there is some new vinyl for sale…

Hunter- 7″ Double A-Side Vinyl

Featuring the track “When I’m Drunk” off Hunter and Mortar’s “Fear and Loathing” album, and the track “My Life” with Andrew Mack.


Free postage within Australia.

Hunter- Limited Edition LP: “Monster House Alternate Mix”

Limited Edition LP: “Monster House Alternate Mix” featuring remixed tracks of the Hunter & Vame album “Monster House”. All produced by DJ Vame.

Limited edition.. Only 50 available!


Free postage within Australia.

Hunters video he made for “Bring It on Wax”, a song from the Hunter and Vame album ‘Monster House’.

A Song from the Hunter and Mortar album ‘Fear and Loathing’.

Hunter, Mortar and DJ Defyre dropping “When I’m Drunk” live at the Rocket Room, Perth.

Hunter was up number 8th on Rappertag and dropped a freestyle.